What is heatmaps?

A heatmap is a visual representation of data where values are depicted by color, making it easy to visualize complex data and understand it at a glance. It uses a warm-to-cold color spectrum to show you which parts of your website receive the most attention such as where visitors click and scroll when they navigate through your website. 
Heatmap is useful for you to get a better understanding of how pages perform on an aggregate level. With the key pages in mind to optimize, you can spend a few couple of weeks looking at the key pages to gain insight such as:
  • Is the important content/ message reaching users
  • Is the CTA placed in the effective spot?
  • Will users get distracted by non-clickable element
Howuku uses the continuous Heatmaps to give you instant access to heat data automatically gathered over time so you can find a more complete and unbiased view of user behavior. 

Check out our article for supported heatmap types.

How do Howuku Heatmaps works?
Continous Heatmaps are available automatically and will start collecting data as soon as the HowukuTracking Code is installed. That means data is always available in Howuku when you need it, you can just enter the URL that you want to see and Howuku will show you a heatmap based on data that's been gathered automatically over time.
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