How to setup event tracking?

Event tracking is used to track the onsite campaigns and individual visitor actions on a web page. It can help you identify visitor behaviour to measure traffic flow to make more informed decisions around getting a better engagement rate for your web marketing efforts and improving the pathways to information on your website.
Event tracking tracks users' interaction with your website elements such as button clicks, outbound links, and form submission. Event tracking collects data by channel include but not limited to:
  • Total visitors and unique visitors click on the events
  • Visitor's average time spent on the events
  • Visitor profile and session record 
How does Howuku Event Tracking works?

Once you've installed the tracking code, Howuku automatically captures all the visitor activities on your website elements. The next step you need to do is determine the meaningful website elements that might help you understand your visitor behaviour from all the website elements and start gaining insight!

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