How to setup heatmaps?


Step 1: Install Howuku tracking code

Step 2: View your heatmap

Step 3: Applying a filter to your heatmap

View your heatmap

From the continuous heatmap page, you can see the page's suggestions based on the popularity of the simple match URL from your site. You may click on the page URL to access the heatmap snapshot directly. 

Alternatively, you can view the heatmap with a specific URL and the match type that you want. 

  1. Select the Heatmap match type and enter or paste a URL. The match types can help to generate a heatmap snapshot from all the URLs matching your targeting criteria.
  2. Click the Search button to generate the heatmap. 
  3. Apply the Heatmap filters to display only those sessions that match your filter criteria. 
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