What are heatmap filter?

Heatmap filters allow you to display only a specific group of sessions that match your filtering criteria so you can more effectively focus your heatmap analysis. 

  1. Date range filter allows you to filter heatmap with a specific date range or a custom date range. 
    1. The specific date range allows you to see heatmap data from up to the current month
    2. Custom date range allows you to view heatmap data from a specific time period, up to 12 months in the past. You can find more detail on data retention in our article. 
  2. Device filter allows you to filter the heatmap with a specific device such as desktop, tablet, and phone. This helps you to analyze your visitor behavior on your website, product or services. 
  3. Intensity: Your heatmap may look too murky on your website. Simply adjust the intensity to adjust the brightness of the heatmap. 
  4. Show Statistic is useful if you want detailed information on the URL path. This tells you about the number of visitors landing on your URL path, the percentage of engaged visitors, and the number of clicks on the website elements. You also can download the statistic for further analysis. 
  5. You also can share or download your heatmap to your team member when found something interesting! 
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