3 A/B testing ideas to effectively increase your conversions today

1. Headline Text

Experiment with a different value proposition of your headline as it is the most important message on your website.

Don't just talk about how good is your product. Instead, talk about the results they can achieve with your product!
Always remember, the focus should be THEM, not you!

2. Other Customers' Review

Show customer reviews on your site to reflect your ideal persona profile, and try placing it on different visible spots to improve your conversions.
A set of testimonials on different placing can impact your conversion rates!

3. Call-to-Action (CTA)

Try out a brighter color that catches your visitors' attention and could get you more CLICKS just like that!
Don't use the generic CTA wording like "Submit" or "Sign Up" they don't do anything for your visitors!

Instead, try a different word that induces emotions and get them to ACT NOW, such as "Increase 10% Sales Today" or "Download FREE E-Book Now"!

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