New Scrollmap Feature

Introducing new Howuku's scrolling heatmap that can help you get more page visits by optimizing your page's title tag or contents. 

What's new? 

Besides showing you the percentage of visitors scrolling down your pages, the new scroll map will help you identify which parts of your pages have more activities and attention and which parts get ignored by your visitors.

This could be valuable data to help you understand what kind of content or keywords your visitors are most engaged in for planning your content and conversion strategy. 

How does it work? 

Go to Heatmap > Select or enter the page you would like to study > Select Scroll heatmap. 

Pay attention to the spots that are displayed in red or warm color, this shows your visitors spend more time reading the contents which might indicate their interest area.

Here are some examples of what you can do with a scrolling heatmap:

  • Optimizing product descriptions or blog contents 
  • Adjust the placement of your information to ensure the most interesting contents are visible to most visitors 
  • Optimizing page's title tag to include keywords that capture the most attention to get more clicks to your pages
  • Consider split testing a shorter version of your page if most visitors do not scroll past 25% of your page or there are contents get ignored by most visitors
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