Features And Pricing Update Starting July 15, 2022

Starting July 15, 2022, we’ll be introducing new pricing plans that better reflect the needs of our customers while allowing us to keep improving Howuku and implementing new features.

Existing customers who subscribed to existing plans will not be affected by the price increase unless they upgrade after the mentioned date.


Pricing Increase

Session Tracking

More Users

Pricing Increase 

We will implement up to a 50% increase across all plans, below are the new cost for each plan:

  • Basic plan – $29
  • Pro plan – $89
  • Premium plan – $149

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Session tracking

Customers who sign up or upgrade their plan from July 15 onwards will be tracking their website visits in sessions.

What’s a session?

A session is the number of visitors to your website, regardless of the number of times they visited your website, they will be counted as one session. In other terms, a session is the unique page views of a website or page.

Let’s say a customer visits the Howuku landing page, pricing page, and contact us page. In terms of pageviews, this visitor generates 3 pageviews.

When we change to track the website by the session, this visitor will only generate 1 session regardless of the number of pages he/she browsing.

For existing customers before 15 July 2022

There will be no changes to your package. Tracking your website visitors will remain as pageviews.

  • Basic plan = Track up to 40,000 monthly pageview
  • Pro plan = Track up to 300,000 monthly pageview
  • Premium plan = Track up to 750,000 monthly pageview

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More number of users

We will be increasing the minimum of 3 member seats to your Howuku account. This applies to all existing and future customers. 

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