5 steps to personalize your web

Web personalization is no longer a buzzword in 2022. While Netflix and Youtube are leading the market with personalization, most companies have not started yet. 

Below we will discuss the simplest form of web personalization and how you can kick-start your first web personalization campaign using Howuku.

What is web personalization?

Web personalization is the process of tailoring website experiences to a subset of users or individual users based on what the company has learned about the individual. 

Personalization is never a goal in itself to succeed in the online marketplace. Instead, it's the means to help you create a better user experience and increase conversions. 

Creating your first web personalization campaign 

A general misconception about personalization is that a lot of data about users is required to create a meaningful personalized experience. 

Nevertheless, personalization is an ongoing process and businesses can start small by testing simple elements of the digital experience. Thus, for your first personalization campaign, you can start with easily accessible data to define your user segments. 

For example, simple web behavioral data such as referrer sources, new and returning users, and geographic locations can be easily gathered and segmented and is a great starting point to enhance on-site experiences.

Web Personalization for new and returning visitors

There are a lot of web personalizations you can do when you segment your users based on new or returning visitors.

For example, an e-commerce website can use different copies on the check-out page to improve purchases. You can highlight the return policy benefit for new visitors while highlighting the delivery date for returning visitors. 

For the landing page, use different call-to-action (CTA) copies to convince visitors to take the next desired action. For instance, a non-committal copy such as "Learn more" or "Find out more" for new visitors while using a more straightforward copy "Sign up now" or "Join us" for returning visitors. 

Web Personalization based on geographic locations

Personalizations based on geographic locations are particularly useful for businesses with international commerce. 

International e-commerce sites can display product prices in the visitor's currency according to the locations of the visitors. Apart from that, shipping details such as free shipping promotions for local customers can be highlighted for local visitors while delivery time can be tailored to international visitors. 

Web Personalization based on referrer sources 

When there is a new marketing campaign, there will be a specific audience that the campaign would like to speak to. 

Therefore, you can personalize your website based on referrer or UTM sources to ensure consistency in message, theme, or tone. 

How to setup personalization campaign on Howuku

Step 1: Go to Personalization > Personalize website content

Step 2: Specify your campaign name and the page you would like to personalize.

Step 3: Add website variants (top left) and tailor your content directly using the visual editor without any coding. Click on save once done. 

Step 4: Specify the targeted audience for the specific variant (top right).

Step 5: Finally, you can evaluate the performance of your personalization campaign by assigning a goal to the campaign. 

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