Conversion funnel examples for e-commerce

When businesses try to grow their online sales, they commonly fall for the same assumption: “We need more visitors.” Nonetheless, every hard-earned traffic will probably be gone to waste if we do not consider how the visitors move through the conversion funnel. 

Using a conversion funnel helps you spot potential optimization opportunities easier so you can improve each stage for maximum sales. 

Let’s look into some conversion funnel examples for e-commerce you may want to apply for your website. 

Setting Up Conversion Goals

The primary conversion goal of an e-commerce website is some form of complete purchase. The primary goal is made up of a series of micro conversion goals.

Micro conversion goals examples  

  • Home banner clicked  
  • Viewed products 
  • Added to cart 
  • Viewed help docs
  • Shared a product
  • Saved a product  

Conversion optimization often focuses on these micro conversions, since each can be a potential roadblock to the primary goal. 

Conversion Funnel Examples

1. Promotion Performance

A general e-commerce conversion funnel may start with your homepage. If you have a home banner, you might want to find out the impact of those promotion views and clicks on revenue. 

  • Home Banner Clicked > Viewed Promotion > Added to Cart > Checkout > Purchase

2. Product Performance 

Start the funnel with a specific product page to analyze how your visitors evaluate your product or make a purchase decision.

  • Viewed Product > Added to Cart > Checkout > Purchase 

For example, you can start the funnel with a new launching product, a featured product being advertised by paid channels, or a product that’s struggling to get sales. 

3. Help Center Performance 

Consider some people need more details or product guidelines before they can finally make a purchase decision. For such, you can use a funnel to see how your visitors are finding and using your help center. 

Start the funnel with a page where your help docs could provide additional context. This could be a related product page, blog page, or shipping page. 

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