What happen when I reach recording usage limit?

With Howuku we try to record all your visitors so you can have all the data to help you make better business decisions. However, when your account is approaching its usage limit, we will reduce the rate of recording and only record a sample of new sessions, to keep your account under Howuku fair use policy.

The good news is we will always be recording new incoming sessions even if you've already used up all your monthly recording quota, but recording in a reduced rate as listed below:

Account Usage Rate of Recording
Less than 80% Records all session
80% ~ 90% Records 1 in 2 sessions
90% ~ 95% Records 1 in 5 sessions
95% and above Records 1 in 10 sessions

In order to prevent the loss of critical data, you may choose to upgrade your account to a suitable plan to keep your session recording going smooth and in a healthy rate.

To learn more about our pricing, click here.

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