What's next for your paid ads?

Not all leads are the same. Some leads are expensive to acquire while others who have high purchase intent are less costly to convert. 

This makes tracking users from paid ads to conversion important. When you know where your high-quality leads come from, you can prioritize your best channel and optimize your marketing strategy or budget. 

Identify Your Best Channel

On Howuku's dashboard, you can find a quick summary of your acquisition channel performance and know where you are getting the most visits from. 

Pay attention to how users behave differently by source using behavior metrics such as average time and bounce rate. 

For example, if visitors who come from Google ads spend a longer time on your website than those who come from social media ads, that is a good sign that visitors from Google might be more interested in your product or service. 

Discover Your Potential Leads

Potential leads are users who express interest in your product or service by looking for more details on your website. These might include users who visit your product feature, pricing, or FAQs pages. 

Howuku tracks all the activities the users perform on your site and list everything down in the visitor's profile to help you see the steps unique user take to find the information they need. 

You can click on the source in the acquisition channel table to go to the visitor's profile and discover which channel brings in more potential leads to your website. 

What Stop Your Potential Leads from Converting

When you are at the visitor's profile, you can dig more into what is stopping your potential leads from converting using session replays. 

Watch session replays and compare the paths of those who convert and those who didn't to identify the key activities that lead to conversion or drop-off. 

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