Increase page visits & conversions with heatmaps

To confess - Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is about iteration. Typically, there’re a lot of small things that add up to truly help you optimize your conversion rate. One test and then you double your conversion rate is very rare, it does happen yet once in a blue moon.  

Ideally, you want to start with very simple tweaks and then only go into more drastic changes if you can’t continually get more wins. A great place to start making simple tweaks is to optimize the content or keywords on your site. 

Get more page visits by optimizing your page's title tag or content

Scrolling heatmaps, as the name implies, show you the percentage of visitors scrolling down your pages. But it's not always what you think - people just don’t scroll down and they just view the top part. Well, sometimes they actually view parts in the middle more than they do at the top. It’s not just how long they scroll, it's also how much attention they are putting in.

Howuku's scrolling heatmap provides valuable data to help you understand what kind of content or keywords your visitors are most interested in so you can optimize your page title's tags for increasing clicks to your website as well as improving your web conversion rate by optimizing your call-to-action button text. 

Here are some examples of what you can do with a scrolling heatmap:

  • Optimizing product descriptions or blog content 
  • Optimizing the text within your call-to-action button
  • Adjusting the placement of your information to the line above the average fold to ensure they are visible to all visitors 
  • Optimizing the page's title tag to include keywords that capture the most attention to get more clicks to your pages
  • Consider split testing a shorter version of your page if most visitors do not scroll past 25% of your page or there are contents get ignored by most visitors

Bring in more conversions with A/B testing

The observations you get after analyzing your heatmaps can be validated using an onsite A/B testing tool. For instance, you notice people are paying more attention to a particular section of your blog posts, which might indicate your prospect's interest areas.

Next, you can run an A/B test with different call-to-action text by including keywords of the hottest section to validate if the new button text performs better. You can make changes directly to your button text and run the experimentation without any coding efforts using Howuku. 

Howuku will equally divide your web traffic among all the variations and allows you to set a goal for your experimentation. It automatically analyzes variants to find the best-performing one to help you bring in more conversions! 

Pro tip: test one thing at a time per step within your funnel to determine what's causing the change. 

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