Google's helpful content update

Have you come across articles that ranked on Google that were obviously written for search engines with lots of keywords that don't really flow with the content? 

These articles provide little or no value in helping the readers to achieve their goals. Instead, they create a terrible experience for the users. 

Hence, Google recently released its helpful content update to better connect people to helpful information for improving its user experience. 

What's The Google's Helpful Content Update

In short, according to Google, helpful content means the contents:-

  • are written for humans, not for search engines
  • focus on a specific audience
  • demonstrate first-hand expertise or in-depth knowledge
  • are actionable where readers know what to do next after reading 
  • where visitors feel they've had a satisfying experience

The goal is to better reward content where visitors feel they've had a satisfying experience. You can read the full article here

How To Adapt The Helpful Content Update To Your Strategies

Original and satisfying contents come from understanding your real user's problems. You can talk to your sales team, product managers, and support staff to learn what your potential customers are trying to solve or overcome with a Google search. 

You can use feedback tool to gather insights directly from your visitors as well. Make it easy and convenient for your visitors to share if your content is satisfying or any improvement you can do to delight them. 

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