The referral program: Term of Service

The Howuku referral program offers incentives for you to refer new paying customers to the Howuku! 
Once your contact becomes a paying customer via your unique referral link, you are eligible for a $100 Amazon gift voucher.
What is a successful referral? 
A referral is considered successful when the person you referred signs up for a paid plan with Howuku. Please note that referrals who are still on trial or opt to remain on a freemium plan after their trial period will not be considered successful and will not be eligible for rewards.
Referrals tracking and referral link 
To access your dashboard and click on your avatar (profile picture) in the top right corner of your Howuku account, followed by Refer and Earn from the dropdown. 
You can track your referrals where you'll be able to see the number of signs up via your referral link, how many have subscribed to a Howuku paid plan, and the total amount of rewards you are eligible for. 

Redemption process

You can initiate your available amount redemption anytime by clicking on the Redeem button. It will submit a request form to [email protected] and our representative will reach out to you for details.  

Please note that due to the validation process, it may take up to 10 business days to process your redemption from the date of request. 

If you have not received any confirmation after a month, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] for a follow-up.

A referral will not qualify for a referral reward if:
- They are already Howuku users
- Self-referrals (referring yourself or your own organisation) 
- User who abuse our referral program
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