Connect Howuku with Segment

Segment Integration allows you to easily connect your Segment data with Howuku's powerful user behavior analytics tools, giving you deeper insights into how your users interact with your digital products and services.



Enable Segment integration

Setting up Segment


Enable Segment integration in website settings

Only the account owner and team members with admin permission can enable the Segment integration. 

  1. Click on the Profile icon on the top right of the dashboard
  2. Locate and click Website from the sidebar menu

  1. Select the website and click on the connect Integration tools button.

  1. Click on the copy webhook button to proceed

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Setting Up Segment

  1. Login to the segment account.
  2. Click on add sources button

  1. Search for Javascript (Website) source and select it to add source.

  1. Enter the source name, the labels and website URL are optional fields.

  2. Copy the snippet and install it on your website. Next, click on the add destination button.

  1. Search for Webhooks (Action) and select it to configure the webhooks (Actions)

  1. Enter destination name and create destination.

  1. Enable the destination and save changes.

  1. Go to Mapping tab> Click on the New Mapping button.

  1. Select "Send an HTTP request." to proceed.

  2. Add new mapping "Event Type is Identify".

  3. Load sample event to test out (Optional step).

  4. Paste your webhook URL that copies from Howuku into URL field, other fields remain default and click save.

  5. Repeat the same setup for "Event type is Track"

  6. After done the setup, ensure that both mappings are enabled.

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