Where can i find my tracking code?

First-Time Installation

If you have never installed Howuku on your website before. You should be able to see the red message by the time you logged into your Howuku account.

  1. Click on the Get Tracking Code on the top right of the dashboard
  2. You'll see an installation guide
  3. Choose the platform of your site
  4. Follow the instruction guide step to step to install the tracking code

Alternative way

You can find the tracking code over the list of websites that you have owned on the setting page. 

  1. Click on the Profile icon on the top right of the dashboard
  2. Locate and click Website from the sidebar menu
  3. You'll see all your available websites
  4. Choose your website and click on the Install Tracking Code button 
  5. Choose installation method and follow step by step on the instruction guide with provided unique tracking code

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