What is session recordings?

Session Recordings are replays of your users' journey on your website, mobile app, or a web application. You'll get to learn exactly how your visitor behaved, instead of just getting generalized statistics and user metrics. Or, you can think of it as a CCTV of your website where you get access to footage of your visitors to help you understand or identify a problem on your website. You can see every action taken on your website such as mouse movement, button clicks, filling a form, and etc. 
Session Recording is a very useful tool to help businesses analyze how users are using their services and finding potential issues that can be a conversion leakage. It can also be used to analyze fraudulent behavior on websites or quickly identify a bug without looking into a bunch of error logs.

How does Howuku Session Recordings work?
Once you've installed the tracking code, Howuku automatically captures all the visitor journeys on your website. You just need to press the play button and enjoy the video!
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