Are Howuku based on 66 Analytics?

Howuku is 100% authentic and not a clone of 66 Analytics like Heyflow, SPYSession, Usermoves, and etc. It was build by Howuku team from scratch. 

What Howuku offered is so much more than 66 Analytics based softwares, on top of everything 66 Analytics has already offered, Howuku have:

  1. A/B Testing to find out how visitors react differently over variants of your website
  2. Website personalization to create highly personalized experience for your visitors
  3. Feedback & polls widget to collect product feedback with screenshots
  4. Realtime alert notification to keep you informed whenever a visitors drop-off from your sales funnel or raging over certain features not working
  5. Events tracking to automatically keep track of conversion rates over all your website CTA and button clicks
  6. Individual login account for agency clients to view reports
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