How to track event with event API?

Howuku allows you to send events by using Javascript when specific actions take place on your website. An event is a data point representing an interaction between a user and your website. This lets you have the user be paired with the Session Recording for searching and viewing.

With Javascript, you're able to set up your own criteria to determine what kind of action results in an event being sent to Howuku. 

Below is the use case for the event:

  1. Send an event to Howuku related to a specific error, so that you can filter your recording by users who encountered an error during browsing your website
  2. howuku.track("error_occurred",{"msg": "missing_column"}
  3. Send an event to Howuku to let you know when a user loads a specific page variant during an A/B test. 
  4. howuku.track("ab_testing",{"variant_name": "variant A"})
  5. Send an event to Howuku when users click on a specific button on your website.
  6. howuku.track("subscriber")

Note: You can provide the name of the event as the first argument. Optionally you can add data to your event by providing an object as a second argument. 

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