What is being recorded?

In our effort to protect your users’ privacy, we design our recordings feature to NEVER records any keystroke of numbers and passwords fields, all of the numbers will be masked into 11111 and passwords will be **** (asterisk) before sending to our Howuku servers, to reduce the risk of potentially collecting and replaying personal user input data.

To censor specific element from being recorded, you may add  hw-not-allow as a html class or an attribute tag to prevent that specific element from being recorded.

We will try to record every session, but there are a few conditions where we do not record sessions, such as:

  • Browsers that have DO NOT TRACK policy turned on. 
  • The overall session recorded is less than 3 seconds
  • Not fulfilling the recording rules set by the site admin: 30 seconds or record with activities only 
  • The site admin has blocked the IP Address of visitors

By default, Howuku recordings will not record any keystrokes at all as we will mask all keystrokes into **** (asterisk). Only the admin user can enable the capturing of keystroke data inside the Recording Setting.

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