What is conversion funnel?

Howuku funnel allows you to track the conversion rate of specific funnels on your website automatically. You can also watch a specific group of users who drop off at certain stages to better understand and optimize your funnel for higher conversions. 
Funnels work by tracking a user's browser navigation through your website from a starting point to a completion point. Before start building a funnel, you need to think of all measurable effects of your visitor's journey through your website. For example, if you run an eCommerce store and your goal is to measure the visitors dropping off throughout the checkout process, your funnel may start with an individual product page with add to cart> Checkout page > Order confirmation page. For SaaS, you may want to see the number of visitors who navigates to your sign-up page and complete the step landing on the sign-up success page. As a customer success/ consultant, you may want to know your potential customer to sign up for a demo session or at least leave their contact to reach out. 
How do Howuku Funnels work?
Once you've installed the tracking code, Howuku automatically captures all the data gathered on your account and detects all visitor's journeys through your website. After you build the funnel, Howuku will process the data for you to know where your visitors drop out, hesitate, and convert.
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